Assessing the security posture of the customer's Microsoft 365 services

Assessment & Remediation

CIS Assess & Remediate

Check-up of the security posture of an M365 Tenant according to the indications provided by the CIS Controls Security Framework and our "reasoned" remediation methodology

DMARC Assess & Remediate

Check-up of the security posture of a mail domain as required by SPF, DKIM and DMARC security protocols and remediation through our PowerDMARC tool

Microsoft 365 service management

Managed Services


24x7 monitoring and management of security alarms. We use cutting-edge technology to detect and stop unauthorized activity in M365 tenant automatically


Network Security Management and Monitoring based on Cloud Software Defined Network (SDN) Services


M365 Tenant Backup Service. Backups are immutable and data is saved in the cloud and protected by encryption


Data storage service agnostic to the source proprietary format based on Cloud Storage S3 (immutable)


Enterprise data compliance management through the implementation of Pureview Information Protection labels and policies


Advanced DMARC Spoofing Reporting Service utilizing the PowerDMARC Platform for Enhanced Email Security and Authentication


Enterprise Windows and Mac device security management service powered by Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Business Defender


Vulnerability management service identified in software installed on board Windows corporate devices based on Intune and Scappman service


Print queue management service that enables secure print job release by assessing user proximity to company printers. Based on Printx.


Centralized corporate email signature management service based on CodeTwo e-mail signature service

EKO365 Business Process Automation & Collaboration Governance

Governance & Automation

Power Automate Flow Dev & Implementation

Analysis, development and implementation of Approval Flows and Business Process Automation with Microsoft Power Automate solution, SharePoint and PlumSail tools

Governance for Microsoft Teams

Approval flow, lifecycle, naming conventions, metadata, and templates for secure and centralized management of Microsoft Teams with Solutions 2Shares solutions.

EKO365 Service Desk & Customer Training

Training & Support

Service Desk

First and second level Help Desk service. Manage opening tickets to Microsoft support thanks to the "status" of Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider.

Attack Simulation

Simulations of benign cyberattacks to test the security policies and practices implemented by the company.

Security Awareness

Foundational training for users with limited digital literacy on the mindful use of company IT tools and services.

Modern Collaboration

Essential user training on Microsoft 365's modern collaboration tools, including OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint, Loop, etc.

Protection & Retention

Fundamental user training on confidential data protection and corporate data retention label rules and usage.

Zero Trust Tenant Protect Packages

Choose Your Best Bundle



  • Security Assessment
  • Alerts & logs management
  • Mail protection policies
  • Data backup & restore

ZT Tenant Protect


All features included in Essentials +

  • Endpoint management
  • Data protection & classification
  • Advanced threat protection



All features included in Standard +

  • Security awareness classes
  • Data Loss Prevention policies
  • Cloud app security & risk policies
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